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  • Self Employed bike mileage allowance and Capital Allowance

    Good Afternoon, Can a self-employed person use mileage allowance for a bike if the bike is used purely for business purposes? How much is for one business miles? And if the Self employed person would like to buy a bike, can she/hi claim the capital allowances? Suggestions of legal acts on this subject are welcome. Thank you for any hints.
  • Relief Under Double taxation Agreement on Dividends

    HI I was Tax resident in UK during 2020/2021, I moved to Poland in October 2020. I spent more than 186 days in UK. From 1.1.2021 I am resident in Poland (The tax year in Poland is from 1.1.21 to 31.12.2021). I do not have a Polish residency certificate yet. I will not back to UK in the future. I received some dividends from my limited company where I was only one shareholder; in 10.2020 =£40,000 then in 02.2021 = £35,000 and the last in 03.2021 =£20,000 How my dividends will be taxed? Fully in UK or maybe partially in UK and in Poland. I was reading about double Taxation Relief but I do not have any idea how to fill Self assessment section Residence , Remittance, basis and how to calculate eventually this relief. Can you explain me please how to calculate and correctly fill my Self assessment Tax Return for YE 05.04.2021 please.
  • Vat rates on Export Declaration services

    Hi I have a question. My business is based in UK and my Clients are based in UK as well. I am a custom agent and I have some different opinion about vat rates on services which I will soon provide. I will charge my clients for Import/export declaration. It is only filling out an online declaration. What Vat rates shall I use 20% or 0? I think that general rules apply to this services, but some of accountants have different opinion and I am now confused. Can you help me please resolve this problem. Thank you