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  • How long one receives a VAT number after receiving an EROI number?

    Hello, I applied for a corporate UK VAT number back in April. In June, I provided additonal requested information. In July, I assigned an EROI number. Does anyone know how long before I am provided with my new VAT number? Thank you.
  • Delay In Processing Time for New VAT Numbers?

    Hello, I submitted an application for a VAT number on April 3rd. The email states it takes 40 days to process a new VAT number. That would have been May 15th. I am curious if anyone else is experiencing these delays, and if so, about how extra it takes? Also, is there a way to log-in and check the process of your application? Thanks!
  • EROI Number for Out of Country Importer

    Hello, I just completed registering a corporation for VAT. According to the application, we will need an EROI as we will be importing over 135 GBP of items to a warehouse located in the UK. Questions are: - Will we be assigned a GB EROI number with the processed VAT application? I stated yes to requiring based on the VAT application guidelines. - If we will not be assigned a GB EROI via the VAT application, do we need to apply for a UTR for the corporation to apply for a GB EROI? - If we apply for a UTR, is it a limited company? Thank you for your help. Thank you.