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  • Fuel Card Benefit

    We have some senior employees that have a company car and fuel card. Both of these are correctly treated as a benefit in kind and included on their P11Ds. We now have some employees who receive a car allowance or use their own car (no company car), however they also receive a fully paid for fuel card. Can the value of this fuel card be put on their P11D? If so, where on the P11D should this be reported?
  • VAT services online

    We have recently acquired another company and have now taken over all of their tax affairs. I have been able to get online access to CT and PAYE, but for VAT the message I get says that it is currently assigned under another government gateway ID. Whoever had it previously will no longer be with the company. What can we do to obtain this VAT access online? We need it quite urgently as there is a VAT return due soon.
  • Transfer of assets within a group

    We have acquired a company and would like to transfer the assets from the acquired business to another of our group companies. For accounting purposes, this is being done at market value. The trade isn't being transferred, this is just an asset transfer (plant and equipment). The assets will then be leased to group companies to be used in their trade. I understand for capital gains that this would be a tax neutral transfer. What is the treatment for capital allowance purposes? Do they transfer at TWDV? Do I have to make an election for this?
  • New supplier and VAT

    We are looking to start working with a new supplier who is a sole proprietor. They are VAT registered. They have shared their VAT certificate which shows their name as the sole proprietor (and this is the name that comes up when we do a VAT number check). The VAT certificate then has a business name and address. An invoice from the supplier will be in the business name and does not include his name. Is this acceptable? Should the invoice include his own name and business name, or is it ok to be in just the business name, despite the VAT certificate being in his name? Thank you.
  • Requesting historic corporation tax refunds

    Hi, can someone please let me know how I request a refund of corporation tax for historic years? We don't have a CRM, and when I try to contact HMRC via telephone I can't seem to get through. Thank you.