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  • RE: Confusion with Calculating benefits received

    Thank you, So for Mondays that fall within the tax year, I add the entire week’s amount to that tax year, right? For example, This means the payment for Monday 5 April (paid to you on Tues 6 April) falls in 20/21 tax year. —> this entire week’s payment would be counted in 20/21 tax year
  • Confusion with Calculating benefits received

    Evening, The notes say for calculating child benefits received : “This is the amount of Child Benefit for a full week, where a Monday falls within the tax year. For the 2021 to 2022 tax year, the first week starts on Monday 12 April 2021 and the last week starts on Monday 4 April 2022. There are 52 Mondays in the 2021 to 2022 tax year. If you got payments for the full year, put the total for 52 weeks in box 1.” I receive my child benefit payments into my bank always on Tuesdays. 1. So for example, I received £21.05 on 06/04/2021 ( a Tuesday) I’m assuming that as that week’s Monday (05/04/2021) was in 20-21 tax year. I don’t count this any of this £21.05 for 21-22 tax year. 2. Instead I start counting from the £21.15 received on 13/04/21 (Tuesday) as the Monday 12/04/2021 is in 21-22 tax year. 3. Similarly on 05/04/22 (a Tuesday) I received £21.15, as Monday (04/4/2022) is within 21-22 tax year, I will count this entire £21.15 as part of the 21-22 tax year. Are these correct? Thank you, have nice evening.
  • RE: Adjusted net income for HICBC

    Ok thanks, Is dividend counted as taxable income for calulcating net adjusted income? Thank you
  • solar panel

    Hi, I wanted to ask, is income generated from solar panels installed on a rental property, does that go in box 20, "total rent and other incomes from property" thanks
  • RE: Adjusted net income for HICBC

    Good afternoon, Is employer's contribution to workplace pension used in calculating adjusted net income? Like is it counted as taxable income or something or perhaps a deduction. In addition, In a couple, whoever has the highest taxable income pays the HICBC, is this highest net adjusted income or just overall taxable income? And is employer's pension contribution counted as taxable income? many thanks!
  • RE: Child Benefit - Self Assessment Tax Return

    Hello I am comparing third party online software to filing my SA, as they offer the service of checking my return before submitting it via their integrated feature. However there are slight differences between different softwares, software such as ABCSA asks me "How many children are you getting child benefit for on 5th April 2022", whereas another software: gosimpletax asks me "How many children did you get child benefit for in the year?". I had 3 children receiving child benefit at the start of the year, then later I had only 2 children getting it. I am confused and wondering which software is correct as depending on the question, the answer would be different. Also, if its only the child benefit, can i call to pay this back instead of filing SA? Thanks!

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