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  • RE: Capital gain tax on RSU and ESPP schemes

    Dear Sir/Madam, Is an income or earning making differences to salary sacrifice? For example, one employee got SMP 700, RSU 20, Commission 20. He contributes 4% employee pension. Per computation the EE Pension = 700*4%=28. Can I define RSU as below and make below conclusion? While SMP cannot be scarified and RSU is not an earning, the final EE Pension is 20. BR
  • RE: Redundancy - Class 1a NIC

    Hi Dose the employee needs to pay NICs for taxable redundancy? It looks like it only for employer's Class 1A NIC? BR
  • RE: RSUs and ESPP

    When purchase the ESPP and cause the ESPP gains, can the employer ask the employee to bear the ER NIC due to this ESPP gain? If employee bears this ER NIC can this deduction deducted from the taxable income?