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  • When will I receive a PAYE tax refund?

    Hi there, I have recently started a second job and have received my first pay. My first pay was taxed incorrectly at basic rate and I am now due a refund for this, the tax code was automatically changed after being paid and I have been given this advice: "If HMRC have corrected your tax code and you’re due a refund, your employer will give you a refund in your pay." My only question is, when can I expect this payment? is this at the end of the tax year or will this be sooner? Sorry in advance for the slightly silly question, I am seeing some say it can be days or weeks and others say it is the end of the tax year.
  • RE: Income tax for people with two low paying jobs

    I can't seem to find this information anywhere official and I am hearing lots of different things from other people. I would really appreciate it if an admin could advise me on this, as now I'm unsure what to believe. thanks!
  • Income tax for people with two low paying jobs

    Hi, I have recently started a second part-time job and looking for advice on tax codes. My first employer (and lesser-paid job)'s tax code is 1256L and my newer job has been given BR, which will be paid more and have more hours. I have worked out that with the combined income from both jobs, I am unlikely to exceed my personal allowance. I read that you can ask to divide the personal allowance between both jobs, although I am not sure if this is actually something that can be done. If so, how does this work and how can you ask for this? If not, I am tempted to swap the tax codes around. I was wondering, do you get BR tax back if your total income for the year is below the personal allowance? or is the 20% tax kept by HMRC regardless? Thanks