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  • RE: Ukrainian Income UK Tax

    Does this mean, that 1. as a non domicile Ukrainian living here in the UK under Homes for Ukraine scheme, I do not need to be registered as Self Employed and I will be able to pay taxes even without being registered as self employed? 2. During self assessment, do I have to declare only income I remitted to the UK, example for the last year I earned 10 000 USD, I used my card and spent in the UK 4000 USD, what amount should I show in my Self assessment. Thank you!
  • Ukrainian Income UK Tax

    Hello! I would like to clarify somedetails about taxation of my Ukrainian Income in the UK. I came to the UK by Homes for Ukraine scheme, but I continue to work for Ukrainian company and pay taxes in Ukraine. 1. Should I declare my Ukrainian income if I do not transfer it to my UK bank account? Does is mean that I am not bringing my money to the UK? 2. If I use my card to pay for goods in the UK (from not UK bank account) Does it mean I am not bringing my money tothe UK? 3. Who determines my domicile status? 4. If there any help-line for Ukrainians about taxation? 5. Do I need to get UTR number if I am here in the UK by the Homes for Ukraine scheme? Thank you! Regards,