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  • RE: taxes: moving abroad permanently but keeping my UK job.

    Hi HMRC Admin 32, thank you for your reply. I know this will sound weird but it's the real situation in Mexico: he will be resident in Mexico but he doens;t have to pay taxes (at all) if he works for a foreign company. unless the company has a base in Mexico and he is contracted there (on-lucrative visa holders in Mexico don’t need to pay. You only need to pay taxes in Mexico if you are working for a Mexico-registered company. Even if they are American, Canadian, EU companies, as long as they are registered in Mexico, you need to pay taxes) His company will keep his UK contract even if he doesn;t live here. but because he doesn;t have to pay taxes in Mexico for the above explained, we are trying to find out how he can keep paying taxes here for pension, NiN, Etc. all tax advisors seem to tell me that he will have to pay taxes in Mexico but not under the above scheme so we don't know how to handle the situation here. any advice? thank you
  • RE: NIN voluntary contribution from abroad

    hi @Gary Coombs. I've been working in the UK for 5 years, I won't be moving to EU. I will be moving to Mexico my country. so I would like to continue contributing if possible to reach the 10 years, and/or in case I decide to come back to Uk. From what I understand I can keep paying it under class 3. didn;t quite get class 2. thank you
  • NIN voluntary contribution from abroad

    Hi. I am leaving the uk I would say permanently as you never know. I have contributed 5 years to the state pension and I would like to keep contributing to make 10 years and qualify to get my pension whenever I am able to. Is this possible? can I finish all my things here in uk and still pay for my NiN? I have settled status so I am able to return to the UK within 5 years. I may regret my move and come back so I would like to do this. any advice?
  • taxes: moving abroad permanently but keeping my UK job.

    Hi. my husband and I are moving to Mexico my home country, his company allowed him to work remotely. He is Italian, he has permanent residence and settled status as he has lived in the UK for 10 years. he has worked all this years in the PAYE scheme. we are trying to investigate if can continue to pay taxes, insurance and pension here in the UK, as this would be helpful for my future retirement or if we decide to come back to the UK. I find many articles but they are confusing. can someone help please with some advice? thank you