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  • Self Assessment Tax Payment taking into Account PAYE

    Hi, This is the first time I have had to do a self assessment for a small business I am running which I do on top of my full time job. Before the start of this tax year, I updated my PAYE to reflect these part time earnings, and my tax code was updated accordingly so that I pay the extra tax I owe over the year. This was on advice provided by an HMRC agent. I have filed my self assessment and have now been provided with the amount of tax I owe. However, the amount stated has not reflected the amount of tax I have overpaid over the past year to avoid a hefty bill. Additionally, I in addition had some money credit in my tax account, in case of any shortcoming I'd owe, and this money as well has not been taken into account in the stated owed amount. I hope what I have said is clear, and my main question is: Does the amount HMRC say I owe for 21-22 self assessment actually take into account my PAYE tax paid and any credits on my account or was there something else I was supposed to have done? Currently the self assessment website is asking for a significant sum on Jan 31, but when if I follow all the calculations provided on the site, and take into account the above PAYE I've paid over the year and credit on my account, I am actually owed money. I have tried calling twice to HMRC today, and each time I connect to an advisor I have been cut off for some unknown technical issue. Thank you for any help