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  • RE: Split Year Treatment - self assessment required?

    Hi, Thank you very much. I have read the page you shared above. For the following income upon arrival 1. Bank interest from savings (around £100) 2. Dividend (around £100) 3. Captial gain amount less than capital gain allowance and sales proceeds less than 4 times of the allowance In this case, all of the income are within allowance, is any of the above need to be reported through self assessment please? Thank you very much.
  • RE: Split Year Treatment - self assessment required?

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. Do I have to take any actions to claim split year arrangement? Thank you.
  • Split Year Treatment - self assessment required?

    I relocated to the UK in the middle of tax year 2020-2021 and I believe I am a UK Tax Resident in this tax year according to Second Automatic UK test in RDR3: Statutory Residence Test (SRT). I have never been a UK Tax Resident before. I have non-UK income and capital gain in tax year 2020-2021 before I arrived at the UK. Upon arrival, I do not have any income for the remaining tax year. I believe I am qualified for Split Year Treatment Case 8. In this case, do I have to complete a self-assessment for tax year 2020-2021? Are there any other actions required? Thank you.