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  • Student Loan overpayment on Self Assessment

    My husband paid off his student loan on Sept 2022. He completed his Self Assessment for 2021/22 and it included an amount for Student loan, as he realised with only few days to go to 31st Jan he paid it. He has called both Self Assessment and Student Loans, neither have the funds! He had tried online chat as well, SA helpline said the payment was sent to Student Loans the day after it was paid, so around 28th January, although I find that hard to believe but hey ho! Student loans this week - 5th March - have said still not got it. Both blaming each other so where are the funds! They have been in a black hole for nearly 6 weeks and why does the SA system not allow for the loan to be paid off in current tax year!
  • 2 x Gateway IDs ??

    Hi, I somehow have got a Govt Gateway ID for personal tax and another for Self Assessment. I don't want 2, how do I get them either merged or one closed and the information placed onto the other one please? I have tried online chat with HMRC and email and they aren't understanding my question for some reason? I know I can use on for SA and one for personal tax and they keep telling me this but that isn't what I am asking - I just want one log in for everything!