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  • Laptop Bags and tax implications

    The business is adopting a hybrid way of working. If employer provides employees with a laptop bag are there any tax implications? If employee bought the bag and was reimbursed through expenses is this treated any differently for tax purposes. Does it make a difference if when the employee leaves employment, they keep the n=bad or return it to the employer?
  • RE: Recovery of monies from leaver and NMW

    I'm still not clear on this, please can you clarify further.
  • electric car mileage allowance

    An employee will be using their own car for some business travel. It's an electric car. Does the mileage allowance rate of 45p for first 10,000 miles apply, or is there a lower rate for expense claims paid for electric car users?
  • Recovery of monies from leaver and NMW

    As an employer, we are wanting to pay (via our legal partners) for an employee’s fees to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK. It’s the employee’s choice to apply and we don’t have to sponsor him. He would be able to remain in the UK without it..i.e. we are paying for a non-necessary application. Question…If the employee leaves and we have in place an agreement for the fees to be repaid to the employer from a net deduction from salary, would this be seen as a reduction for NMW and is likely to take remaining or zero pay below NMW?