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  • RE: Skilled worker (ex. foreign freelancer) received a one-off income on the UK bank account

    Thank you for your response. I guess they class me as an employee under PAYE. Which ways do I have in this case? Thank you.
  • Skilled worker (ex. foreign freelancer) received a one-off income on the UK bank account

    Dear HMRC, I am writing because I have got into the slightly confusing situation and I want to figure out what will have to do later. I used to be a contractor in one of the British companies. I worked remotely from other country (no British citizenship, never visited the UK until recently). A few months ago the company decided to relocate me and employ. In the early of November I arrived in the UK (as a skilled worker) and now I am an employee in that company. Before relocating I had been working as contractor (Oct 2021 - Oct 2022) and had received monthly payments from the company in US Dollars The events sequence in the chronological order: 1. 31 Oct 2022 - I send a closing invoice for the October (amount is lesser than £2500 and more than £1000) 2. 3 Nov 2022 - I arrive in the UK 3. 8 Nov 2022 - my first day as an employee and I open a bank account in the UK bank 4. 10 Nov 2022 - I receive an email from the payment department which was saying that the closing payment was not successful due the bank issues in my country. It is no longer able to receive USD payments 5 21 Nov 2022 - Me and the company decide to address payment on my UK bank account. I receive the payment and convert USD to GBP right away In this situation I feel that I will have to do a self-assessment, but I am not entirely how exactly this income should be qualified. Also, I do not understand whether I have to register myself as a self-employed. I am not planning to have similar situations and work as a self-employed in future, so probably there is easy way to sort it. Could you advise please what I should do? Thank you in advance.