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  • EXS declarations for empty vehicles and those carrying pallets, etc

    an empty pallet, container or vehicle is being moved under a transport contract (including empty reusable packaging such as stillages or roll-cages) A transport contract, or contract of carriage, is an agreement between a carrier and shipper or passenger, setting out each party’s duties and rights. Can anyone explain what this actually means please? Does it mean if a haulier is shipping an empty trailer back to their depot in France, they don't need to complete one, but if the exporter and importer details are different companies, then they do? As a ferry operator, how can you tell what needs a declaration and what doesn't before boarding?
  • RE: EX-A entry style

    We have been completing an EXS as arrived , so EX-A, but if we don't follow it up with a C1601 we eventually receive a P9 advising of an unarrived entry? We also receive emails back from NCH advising us on how to submit an arrived entry which is exactly what has been done? Any advice?