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  • RE: Director's NI on Basic PAYE Tools miscalculation?

    The thresholds appear to be wrong and the NI is miscalculating when the directorship start date is during the 2022/23 tax year. Pay is even throughout the year and therefore there should be negligible difference when the month 12 recalculation occurs. To test this I have set the directorship start date as 06/04/22 and run a draft position, then removed the directorship status completely and run another draft position. The figures are identical. When I set a directorship start date mid year, the NI is too high and the thresholds are wrong. The employee's NI figure works out as 13.63%, which is obviously higher than the highest rate in place during this tax year, so it can't be correct. I will call the helpline, but I would appreciate any comments on whether this is a software issue that needs addressing? Many thanks.
  • Director's NI on Basic PAYE Tools miscalculation?

    BPT appears to be calculating director's NI incorrectly in month 12 where the director was appointed part way through the year. Is this a software issue? I can provide figures if appropriate.