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  • RE: Online Tariff update

    Hi, I am updating our records to align with the new tariff and have noticed Autonomous tariff suspension has been removed. Will this be added at some point or completely removed for now? Example 3912398510 which we used to have 0% under Autonomous tariff suspension Thanks Stuart
  • Re: Customs warehouse

    Hi, If we import from the US to a customs warehouse in the UK for "usual forms of handling" then re-export to France am I correct in thinking we will pay no UK Duty and VAT and only EU Duty and VAT? If so could you kindly point me in the direction with regards to re-exporting so I know what to advise our broker. Many thanks Stuart
  • RE: Online Tariff update

    Great thank you
  • Online Tariff update

    Morning Is there a certain date at the start of the year when the HMRC online tariff is updated? I like to check if duty rates have changed in 2022 and wondering when is the best time to check. Thanks
  • RE: UK-Japan trade agreement

    Thank you
  • UK-Japan trade agreement

    Good morning, We are looking to claim retroactive preferential origin for imports from Japan since 1 Feb 2019 when the EU-Japan EPA came into effect, as our supplier omitted to show the statement of origin on the invoices at the time of import. Please can you confirm the timescale for reclaim of duty paid? The C285 states the time limit for submitting a claim for repayment of overpaid duty and VAT is 3 years as does Article 55 of the UK-EU TCA which states:- ARTICLE 55 Time of the claim for preferential tariff treatment 1. A claim for preferential tariff treatment and the basis for that claim as referred to in Article 54(2) shall be included in the customs import declaration in accordance with the laws and regulations of the importing Party. 2. By way of derogation from paragraph 1 of this Article, if the importer did not make a claim for preferential tariff treatment at the time of importation, the importing Party shall grant preferential tariff treatment and repay or remit any excess customs duty paid provided that: (a) the claim for preferential tariff treatment is made no later than three years after the date of importation, or such longer time period as specified in the laws and regulations of the importing Party; (b) the importer provides the basis for the claim as referred to in Article 54(2); and (c) the product would have been considered originating and would have satisfied all other applicable requirements within the meaning of Section 1 of this Chapter if it had been claimed by the importer at the time of importation. The other obligations applicable to the importer under Article 54 remain unchanged I realise that this is not the agreement for Japan but I am having difficulty finding anything in the UK-Japan agreement.