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  • End up capital loss for a year, need to report?

    Hi HMRC, My case is, I have got some capital gain from foreign Stock market but got capital loss from sold foreign property (detail below). End up, I have £5,000 capital loss in total for the tax year 2023/2024. May I know do I still need to report the detail of all gain and loss in the Self-Assessment, if I will not claim this loss in future tax years? - Stock market : gain +£1,5000 - Property sold : loss -£2,0000 ---------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL : loss -£5,000 Many Thanks
  • Claim higher rate tax relief after Salary Exchange effective

    Hi HMRC, I am a higher tax rate payer (40%), and my employment started since June 2021. My employer started using the Salary Exchange approach in April 2023. With the Salary Exchange Arrangement effective, I don’t have to pay the 4% pension contribution. It means I won’t pay any extra tax, so I don’t have to do the tax relief claim from April 2023 onward. May I know how can I claim back tax relief from the previous year? Also do I need to print off all contribution's history from my pension vendor to HMRC? My employment started since June 2021, so I can claim for the 21/22 tax year and the 22/23 tax year. Am I correct? Please kindly advise. Many Thanks
  • Work from home allowance

    Hi HMRC, I am a BNO Visa holder, my employment is in contract basis and work from home basis (no office provided from my employer) from day one (since Jun 2021). Can I claim the £6 per week working from home allowance since Jun 2021 that I have to work at home? - If yes, how can I claim the allowance for the tax year (2022-2023)? Is it under the Self Assessment form? Or somewhere in the website? - Also how can I claim the allowance for the tax year (2021-2022) Many Thanks
  • P11D form (Private Medical Insurance) provided by my employer.

    Hi, I have a question regarding the P11D form (Private Medical Insurance) provided by my employer. I have got the P11D form provided by my employer in June 2023 (my Tax Code is 1257L). My employer told me that "there is NO any action from the employees for the P11D form. The form is just for the reference. For the medical benefit amount, my employer has already submitted the P11D form (HMRC)." However, when I fill in the Self-Assessment online form for year 22-23. There is a session to ask, "Have you received any taxable benefits and expense payments form my employer". If I click "YES", i need to fill in the amount for Private Medical Insurance, then it will calculate and need to pay the tax for that Private Medical Insurance. Now I am confusing... - should I click "YES" or "No"? - if "YES, then I need to pay tax for the Private Medical Insurance, which my employer told me I don't need to pay and do anything on it. - if click "No", but indeed I have received the benefits for Private Medical Insurance. Please advise, what should I do, and how to ask my employer to provide any information to proof that I don't need to pay the benefit tax or not? Many Thanks