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  • RE: Returning from Dubai

    Hi HMRC Admin Your clear advice to the original poster, Expat Questions Confused, is that for the period he was DTA Treaty Resident in Dubai he does NOT have to pay UK income tax, i.e. the period 01.08.21 to 05.04.22. In other words, the normal split year rule (where the tax payer has to spend 1 complete UK tax year away) does NOT apply if the tax payer has DTA Dubai Residency for the period he is away. So it follows that if AnotherConfused Expat also obtains DTA Dubai Residency for the period 01.10.22 to 01.10.23 then his/her Dubai income for that period will ALSO not be taxed in the UK. But your subsequent advice to Lost InGlobe is that AnotherConfused Expat WILL have to pay UK tax because Dubai has a 0% income tax rate. Please could you urgently clarify this very important point. The HMRC texts you refer us to do not specifically answer the question. Thank you