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  • Student Loan Overpayment and Self Assessment

    Hello, I finished paying off my student loan last tax year by a combination of PAYE (21/22) and self assessment (20/21) payments. Due to the timing (and size) of the self assessment payment, I ended up overpaying by quite a lot (~£5000). I have received a refund from SLC for a portion of this but I am still showing as overpaid on my loan. So now I have two problems: 1. How do I get the rest of the refund I am due? It's been a while since I first contacted Student Loans about this but if I remember correctly they claimed that they would refund the portion of the overpayment due to PAYE (which they did) but HMRC would refund the portion due to SA payments. 2. My tax return for 21/22 is now due. Since I did have a student loan in 21/22, it says I am due to make an additional student loans payment, even though my loan is fully repaid (in fact overpaid). What should I put on my return? Even if I'm going to get refunded I'd rather avoid pouring even more money into my already overpaid loan. Unfortunately it's also a bit tricky to get details from Student Loans since they seem to only issue statements once per year (and no notice that the loan is repaid other than my balance due showing negative on the website). So the exact date that the loan was fully repaid, which payments were made when, etc. is quite difficult to figure out. Thanks,