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  • RE: National Insurance Contributions

    Thank you for the reply. On 1, Clear, thank you. On 2, Do you mean 5 April 2025 as the new deadline (per recorded answer phone)? rgds
  • RE: National Insurance Contributions

    Hi regarding gaps in NICs and required amounts to pay to boost state pension forecast: 1) can I assume that the state pension forecast as per my Government gateway account is the same as the one DWP will have on record? i.e. can I assume that the amounts stated in my Government Gateway account relating to missing years NICs are indeed the correct amounts that are missing? 2) If I make payment of those amounts via cheque to HMRC , my state pension forecast shall be revised accordingly. Please note that I am unable to cross check this with DWP directly since their phone lines are continually engaged. Therefore I seek confirmation on above, conscious of the approaching 31/7 deadline for past years missing NICs Krgds
  • RE: form CF83 IN PROGRESS

    I have the same issue (form sent 25 March 2023 and Check progress mentioning a form received 6th april 2023). It would help if the HMRC could state the form received to help with tracking. Also, I have seen that I can only expect a reply to this letter/form by 6 Jan 2024! Is this correct? When will my NIC class contributions be reviewed / updated? Will it be backdated? ( I am currently non resident so am wondering as from when class 2 NICs can commence). rgds
  • RE: Non Resident

    Hello I am non-resident for tax purposes. I pay income taxes in Singapore, I was made redundant by my company in 2022 but the redundancy payment was paid out by UK entity and fully taxed by HMRC, despite me not having worked in UK during any part of that tax year, nor the previous 10 tax years. I requested for a tax reclaim from HMRC but I understand that I will need to first fill in a Self Assessment form. I am not sure then what to put in the Employer section of the SA form since my Employer was an overseas employer, with salary paid locally. Should I put the employer as per my Singapore employer (now ex-employer)? Thank you
  • RE: National Insurance Contributions

    Hi I worked in France between 2014 - 2019, and correspondingly my NIC record is showing gaps. My employer and myself both contributed to French social security during that time. My understanding is that contributions to a European EU member country's social security would be counted under my UK NI record so that I should not have gaps in my record during that 5 year period. If this is correct, how can I have my NIC record updated to reflect the fact that the contributions to French social security should be considered by HMRC? Thank you