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  • RE: Loan charge

    But my questions are specifically related to my circumstances. they cant be answered by generic text. I've tried the HMRC they never assist...
  • Loan charge

    Hi can anyone help I got duped into the loan charge scheme seemingly for 4 years on and off but a recruiter /acountant. Unfortunately I was foolish in not interrogating what was a "bonus" payment scheme that on discovery was ultimately a loan scheme 2013-2017. Over these approximate years I earned approx 250k in non taxed loans. Firstly as I missed the initial deadline to report and pay I had to submit a return for 2018/19 And state all income In that year. 1.I've estimated the cost of earning 250k in one tax year would be 98k tax is this correct? 2.i was told NI Isn't being requested as part of the compensation? Is that correct if so why? so 98k would be the total plus any interest hmrc charge. 3. When I submit my "loan total" in one tax year I don't get any tax free earnings is that correct? 4. Don't HMRC have what I was paid in bonuses (loans) from my accountant for which he didnt declare as taxable money but would have been requested to tell them once they were confronted? That way they know and can simply reconcile against my 2018/19 Final submission. (accountant no longer contactable to ask) if they don't would they not have to query every submission from loan charge users or can you make it up and they will just accept your final number!? (I doubt) just I kept asking them to give me directions as to what was owed but no help. 5. If I'd earned 63k x 4 years (250k in total) would my total deductions have been 14k tax x 4 5k NI x4 = 66k at the time. 6. So bottom line I'm now paying 35k extra in tax and any interest charge added to that. 7. Has anyone heard of anyone sueinf their account or whoever!? Why is it only the earner and not duper whose paying this cost. 8.Is there any way of appealing this given I was duped into a contract i didnt know was loan charge related, never heard the term until now Thanks all