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  • P45 - Date of leaving and date of employer certification

    I left my employment on 31st March in order to claim payment of my Polish state pension. this is because under Polish law employment must terminate before the claim is lodged (although perversely it may re-commence after the claim is lodged) Box 4 within the P45 issued by my employer's payservice contractor correectly records my leaving date. However it records the employer's certification in Box 13 as 30th March. The Polish equivalent of the UK Department of Work and Pensions, 'ZUS' has rejected my pension application claiming that the certification date of 30th March in Box 13 is wrong as it cannot pre-date cessaton of my employment on 31st March. Item No. 16 within Table 2 of Regulation 36 of the Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) Regulations 2003 [as amended] merely calls for the employer to provide 'the date when the form is completed'. My former employer's payservice claims that as the P45 was prepared on 30th |March (the day before my employment ended) the date shown in Box 13 of 30th March is correct. Please advise whether or not the P45 issued by my employer's payservice contractor has been prepared in accordance with UK Law.