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  • RE: UTR number

    exactly same situation as you at the moment. I have been extremely anxious about this matter. I did apply UTR for the first time on the early of January. No UTR received. No useful reply on my calling HMRC twice. Each took me over an hour in a queue.
  • RE: No UTR , applied in October

    Hi mathulogan Do you have any update about your case. I have been extremely anxious about this matter
  • RE: UTR number not received

    I got the exact same issue, I did contact the self-assessment helpline, they are very helpful but they can't find out my application information. they seem only able to find the UTR when it is generated. the advisor has requested their back office team to call me back but it's been a few days I'm still waiting for their calls. I strongly suggest we should get the ref number or the confirmation email once we sent out the SA1 application form online. otherwise, no one can trace the application. it totally wastes everyone's time.
  • RE: No UTR , applied in October

    Same here, I applied for the UTR online for the first time on 12/01, but no confirmation email was received, and no reference number. It's been over 10 working days (we've been told to receive it within 10 days), and I am unable to do my tax return on time. which means I will get a fine for the late payment.
  • No UTR received

    I have a personal tax account, I register UTR on 12/01/2023 for the first time by filling in the form and the website confirmed my information has been forwarded to HMRC without any ref number. it's been over 10 working days passed, and I still haven't got any reply or UTR received. I need to do tax return by 31/01, it looks like I can't make it on time. I called the helpline twice but they can't find my application and issued a callback from their back office team. I have no idea when I can get it. I just think this online submission system is too unfriendly, not even providing a ref number for the submission of the application. Please provide help