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  • RE: Dog breeders

    I have another thought in relation to dog breeders. Can a purchase of additional dog for breading can be treated as purchase of a capital asset. As it will generate a future income. Thank you
  • RE: Dog breeders

    Hi I'm sorry. I will try to clarify. I have read that dog breeders who submit tax return may deduct some expenses,such as vet fee, puppy food, adverted . I am just wondering if a dog food for adult dog is allowable expense as well. I found some information that all expenses related with having a puppy are allowable, but not sure if dog food for adult dog ( bitch) is allowable as well. Thank you
  • Dog breeders

    Can a self employed dog breeder deduct the profit by expense -dog food provided to a dam. Thank you
  • RE: FRS

    Just to clarify. There is a self-billed invoice issued and vat shown on this invoice is already deducted by van rental. Should I ignore this and use just an income figure for his FRS vat return? Thank you
  • RE: FRS

    Thank you for your reply. I checked the guidance,but it doesn't describe such a practice query. I assume that the FRS needs to be calculated from the income without any deductions. As I know box 7 is not available with FRS.Thank you
  • FRS

    Hello, My brother provides courier services. He has received his first self billing invoice. There is £400 net+£80 vat and additional deduction for van rental £120 incl vat. Total of the invoice is £280. What figure should be taken for Vat Return £480*9% ( first year) or £280*9%. Thank you
  • POA payment deadline

    Hi. If I send a tax return before July POA instalment what is the deadline for it still 31/07/23 or 31/01/25? Just to clarify -according to tax calculation I have also next POA for the following year. Can I pay just the remaining figure up to 31/07/23 and new POA up to 31/01/24 ? Thank you
  • Backdated VAT registration and output vat calculation

    Hello, I just received backdated vat registration and I need to send my first vat return. As clients already paid me without previous vat calculation,how should I calculate output vat. For example,- client paid me £1200, does it mean that i need to include £200 as my output vat or treat 1200 as my net sales and include £240 as additional output vat. Thank you in advance
  • RE: VAT registration after the deadline vs MTD

    Thank you for the reply. Is it on option that I can put all previous documents as an opening balance into the software as one figure or i need to enter each document separately - as all historic figures i have in the spreadsheet.
  • VAT registration after the deadline vs MTD

    Hi. I should be registered for vat since 3/22.Unfortunately I didn't realize. I have already send registration but wondering if I need to enter all receipts from 3/22with photos to the software? I used a spreadsheet before and all details are in spreadsheet. Is it any exclusion that I can put all these as an adjustment figure or i need to enter them manually each. Thank you