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  • RE: Discrepancies in PAYE/NI amounts held by HMRC systems

    Thank you for your reply. How do we contact the Employers team please? On phone or by post? We want this to be resolved quickly so please suggest a method which will be quick. Thank you Gaurav Jain
  • Discrepancies in PAYE/NI amounts held by HMRC systems

    Hello, there are discrepancies in the amounts held by HMRC re PAYE/NI amounts owed by the client. These relate to May 21 and July 21 and difference is around £15,938. Per our software the PAYE/NI amounts should be £15,938 lower. We have tried all possible means to correct it like submitting FPS but in vain. Also, spoke to HMRC few times but again no luck. Our software provider has also confirmed that correct amounts were sent to HMRC but HMRC system still shows £15,938 more than the amounts actually owed. Could you please advise what we should do so that these discrepancies are resolved and HMRC systems are updated? Thank you Gaurav
  • Certificate of residence for UK company

    Hello, my client is a UK based limited company. Their parent company is based in India. There is a collaboration agreement which specifies that the UK company will receive commission in return for promoting and marketing the Indian company's products. The Indian company auditors have asked for tax residency certificate otherwise they will have to deduct tax before remitting money. Is that possible? I thought tax residency certificate is issued if a UK company has foreign income to avoid double taxation. Can you please advise? Thank you