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  • RE: Choosing a start date, what to do?

    I should also point out that I havent actually had any customers yet or earned any money. I have just started in the last few days putting things together by buying business insurance and making a facebook page etc. Thanks.
  • Choosing a start date, what to do?

    When I register with HMRC as self employed (sole trader), what do I need to put in as my start date? I'm a bit confused. The day I purchased my business insurance? The day I created my Facebook business page, or the date I considered myself actually starting to trade/using the page as an advertisment? Or do I choose the day I consider myself to have started my business? Thank you.
  • Help with starting up my business

    Hello, I am looking to start up my own business as a self employed sole trader. I was wondering which step I need to take first. Do I register with HMRC (self employed/sole trader) and wait for registration to come back, and then get my business insurance, set up website/social media, look for clients etc? Or, do I get my business insurance first, set up my website/social media etc, start looking for clients and then register with HMRC when I start working and earning money? Does it matter to HMRC which order i do things in? Thank you.