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  • Importing personal goods from a secondary residence in France which has been sold

    Last year we sold our secondary residence in France and kept a few things such as clothes, kitchen utensils, cutlery, etc, in boxes which we want to bring back in our campervan to our home in England next month. We don't have receipts for most things as they were bought a long time ago (we have made use of the property for 10 years), all of them are used items and I don't know how to work out the value of them (what's the value of a well worn pair of shoes or socks?). There's is no furniture, electronic items such as computer, tablet or phone and no tobacco or alcohol. There is a guitar, ukelele and keyboard. Some items were inherited from my parents, others were gifts. I suspect the overall value of all belongings is over £390 (probably not much more!) but have no idea how to value things. I have tried the "check-tax-on-goods-you-bring-into-the-uk" online form but cannot believe I have to find for each pair of socks (and all other items) I have used over the last ten years where they were bought (some of them in the UK, others in France), let alone where they were made and how much I've paid for them. I realise I cannot claim transfer of residence relief. Could someone please let me know what I should be doing for declaring these items prior of boarding the ferry back home as we want to do the right thing? Thank you in advance for any advice.