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  • RE: EIS Loss Relief claim through online self assesment

    Hi, how would I declare "The neglible value in a Self Assessment tax return". Can you tell me which pages/sections/boxes of the online Self Assessment tax return would need to be completed with which numbers based on the information i have provided. I am new to this so the more explicit the better. I am sure this will help other also in future. Thanks
  • EIS Loss Relief claim through online self assesment

    Hi, I made an EIS investment of £10500 in a company in 2016. I then claimed back the upfront 30% income tax relief of £3150 making the effective cost of investment £7350. In Jan 2022 the company was dissolved making the value of my shares nill. I did not sell any shares or make any capital gains. I am trying to claim loss relief against my income tax at my marginal rate of 40% on the £7350 which would be £2940 On the page "Other tax reliefs and deductions page (page 2 of 2)" box "Subscriptions for shares under the Enterprise Investment Scheme box" I have entered £7350. When I view my final tax calculation it is showing "minus Enterprise Investment Scheme Relief" amount of £2205 which is not the £2940 I was expecting. What is the issue here? Just to be clear i am trying to claim EIS loss relief on effective cost of investment £7350 at my marginal rate of 40% via the online tax return for 2021-22.