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  • RE: difference between total income in annual tax summary and self assesment calculation?

    Emslloyd - I have had exactly the same problem. Did you get a resolution in the end, or just this 'may have' answer in the forum? I'm strill trying to sort mine out so any feedback would be welcomed! cheers, Neil
  • Discrepancy between SA302 tax figure and figure on Tax Overview document

    I completed my 21/22 tax return on 6th April so that I could get an SA302 which I needed for a loan application. They also asked for a copy of the tax overview, so (after 72hrs) I downloaded both documents. It has been flagged up that the total tax & NIC figure on the SA302 is different to the tax overview figure - by over £2,300!? I have queried with the online chat, but all I've been told is that the figure I can see on MY copy of the SA302 is different to the figure showing at YOUR end - but how can that be possible?!? The SA302 and tax calculation pages all show a total tax & NIC due of £7523.18 but yet the tax overview says it's only £5226.96. The loan company are refusing to process my application because the two figures don't match, but I can't explain it, and no-one has been able to give me a reason. I see from other threads/discussions that I'm not the only one who has had this problem. I had £14766 in SEISS payments throughout the year (which I recorded in the correct box on the SA form) - could this be part of the problem? Please can someone help? I tried going through on the phone, but the automated system just says that it's busy and then the line disconnects. Many thanks, Neil