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  • Child Benefit

    My wife already receives child benefit for our 2 children. We have just had out third. Can she just call up HMRC to claim for the additional third child or do we have to fill in all the paperwork again?
  • RE: Electric Vehicle Bus Mileage Rate

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  • RE: Advisory Fuel Rates

    I agree, I’m also an EV driver and HMRC are just sitting on their hands whilst prices are going out of control and expenses are not being updated quick enough to reflect this, for both EV and Fuel drivers.
  • RE: Electric Vehicle Bus Mileage Rate

    Still to receive a reply to this? 5p per mile doesnt cover the cost of electricity from tomorrow when the new price cap rates kick in and HMRC have done nothing. Your reviews are meant to take into consideration energy prices, so with a massive hike in prices starting tomorrow how have you come to the decision to do nothing???
  • Electric Vehicle Bus Mileage Rate

    The current business mileage rate for fully electric vehicles is currently 5p per mile. Once the new energy price cap rates start in April, 5p per mile is not enough and does not cover the electricity used to charge the vehicle. Employees will be out of pocket for just going to work. Why hasn't the rate been increased in anticipation for the increasing electricity costs from April and will you please urgently look at this again when an even bigger increase is expected in October again. It needs to be at least 6p from April, please can this be implemented asap