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  • Dividend received from foreign listed tock

    Hi, I received dividend form foreign listed stock traded in foreign stock exchange. And the total amount is less than £2,000. I filled in Dividends section of self assessment form, under section "Foreign dividends (up to £2,000)", and also "Tax taken off foreign dividends". After filling all other items, in the Calculation page, I can see those dividend in the section "Dividends from foreign companies" and seems I need to pay tax on it. As far as I know, I do not need to pay tax for Dividend within £2,000. Is that some wrong? I am referring to Tax on Dividend here: Thanks, 
  • Foreign tax paid on self-employment

    Hi, I am UK tax resident. And I am a contractor work for foreign company. For my understanding, I also need to pay tax on that country, and can roughly calculated the tax amount. And would like to claim foreign tax credit relief. I am filling the self assessment form. Since I am not sure the exact amount of tax will be paid at this moment. How can I fill the amount in "Foreign tax paid" under section "Foreign tax paid on employment, self-employment and partnership"? Thanks
  • RE: Captial Gain Tax on stock trading loss

    Thanks for the reply. One more thing is. One of the investment account is joint account with my partner. So for the gain or loss in this account, is that both of us should report half of gain or loss in capital gain tax section in self assessment tax return?

  • Captial Gain Tax on stock trading loss

    Hi, I would like to know, if I have stock investment and trading, and those stocks are sold(realised). But overall in the tax year, I am loss instead of gain. Do I need to fill capital gain in tax return? And can this loss offset the potential gain in few next years, for example, I loss £10,000 in this tax year, Then I gain £30,000 in next year. Can I deduct the loss so that only £20,000 gain used for tax calculation? Thanks
  • Tax return for Independent Contractor with foreign company (remote work in UK)

    Hello, I am Independent Contractor working with foreign company. I work at home in UK, and I am UK tax resident. And I get pay directly to UK bank account. It seems that it is self employed in nature. However, I am not sure in which section I need to report my income? In self-employments section or Foreign section of tax assessment? Thanks