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  • RE: CCG with IP goods

    Hey there, The requirements for IP authorisation can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of intellectual property you're dealing with. Generally, you wouldn't necessarily need a CCG (Collectible Card Game) to apply for IP authorisation. However, if your CCG contains elements that you want to protect (like artwork, game mechanics, or unique terms), then you might need to consider IP protection for those specific aspects. Would be a good idea to consult with a legal expert to get the most accurate advice tailored to your situation. Hope that helps a bit and you explore more from given links
  • RE: Import Duties overcharged by a Carrier

    Wow, that's frustrating! I had a similar experience a while back. Carriers should definitely align with regulations. If they don't respond, maybe seeking legal advice or contacting a consumer protection agency might help. Hope it gets sorted for you! 
  • RE: URGENT EORI Request

    Hey Paul, I can imagine how frustrating and stressful this situation must be for you, especially for a small business where every shipment counts. I've faced similar bureaucratic delays in the past, and it's never easy. Persistence: Continue calling the EORI team, even multiple times a day if you have to. Try calling right when they open as this might be a less busy time. Alternative Contacts: Do they have different contact numbers or departments? Sometimes reaching out to a related department can redirect you to the right person or department that can assist. Official Complaint: Consider raising an official complaint if they have such a mechanism. This often escalates the issue and gets more immediate attention. Broker or Customs Expert: As a temporary solution, you might want to contact a customs broker or expert who might have insider knowledge or contacts that can expedite the process. Social Media & Public Relations: Depending on your comfort level, a post on social media platforms highlighting your plight can sometimes get a quicker response, especially if it garners a lot of attention or sympathy. Local MP: In extreme cases, contacting your local Member of Parliament or representative about the issue might help. They often have contacts or ways to escalate matters that average citizens don't. Be Prepared: When you do get in touch with them, have all your documentation and details ready, so you can provide them with all the information they need immediately. I genuinely hope your issue gets resolved soon, and your goods are released from Felixstowe. These situations are incredibly challenging, but remember, you're not alone – many businesses face similar hurdles, and with persistence, they overcome them. Stay strong and best of luck with your business, Paul! Warm regards, Ahmad

    Hey there! It's great that you're being proactive about understanding your import situation. Importing for personal use can involve taxes and duties depending on various factors. While DDP usually covers import charges, it's wise to double-check. I'd recommend reaching out to a customs expert or checking with the importing company to ensure you're in the clear. Better safe than sorry! -