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  • RE: declaration of tax residency status

    My wife and I arrived UK at the same day in october 2022. both of us have no other family members or relative are UK residence or live in Uk. I would like to know if my wife will be counted as my family ties, vice versa (both of us are not counted as tax resident ccording to the self assessment if the family tie was not counted). we are not counted as tax resident according to the self assssemnt when my wife or I was not counted as family tie .
  • declaration of tax residency status

    having checked with the HMRC website link and discuss with tax advisor , i may not be the tax resident of tax year 2022-2023. we then inform HMRC with letter in septemper 2022, yet there is no reply. then i called the HMRC hotline, the staff told me that they received our letter but not yet assigned to any worker until 13 feb 2024 that is beyond the deadline for filing self assessment tax return. finally, i was told that i can only check the box 3 in SA109 to declare my non tax residency and return SA100 and SA109 to HMRC. however, the box 3 of SA109 seems only for declare to apply split year treatment. i would like to know if the above -said is right that i just return SA100 and SA109 before deadline or i have wait till 13 feb 2024 for the reply of HMRC caseworker. many thanks
  • non tax resident but having registered the UTR

    Hi, I have registered the UTR months ago. however, I find I am not the tax residents after having fiished the online test on HMRC website and my UK interest income is less than 1000 pounds . it seems that i dont need to report tax and self assessment. how can I inform HMRC about this ?
  • is the paper form only way for split year treatment application

    Hi I would like to know if the paper form(SA109) is the only way to submit for split year treatment or i can do it online by digital form, together with SA100 ? many thanks
  • RE: Reporting CGT on Overseas Property sale

    Hi I am going to sell a property in HK in coming october. should i need to report or pay the CGT within 60 days as it is not a UK property or report on my self-assessment tax return for the year 2023/24? Many thanks for your help.