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  • Do I need SA if my income dropped below 100k£ after SIPP contribution?

    My gross income for 2022/23 was going to be 110,000£ before I made a SIPP contribution. I then made such contribution before the end of the fiscal year, so that my gross income will drop below 100k£, let's say to 95k£. Am I obliged to file for Self Assessment, especially to recover the higher-rate tax relief (in fact I need to get even more, since I was in the 100-125k£ tax trap bracket)? Or can I just send a letter stating that I did such SIPP contribution and get a payment (which is what I used to do when I had a lower income)?
  • High rate SDLT when owning a low value foreign property

    Hi, I am in the process of buying my first property in UK. I have a small property abroad. My understanding is that if the value of such overseas property is above 40,000£, I will liable for the additional 3% of stamp duty. The problem is that this (difficult-to-sell) foreign property may be worth literally around 40,000£ (I "feel" it may be less, like 35,000£). Are there any guidelines in such cases? Does HMRC require a professional evaluation of such foreign property to see if it goes beyond the 40k£ threshold, or in these cases a weaker evidence (e.g. asking prices on advertisements of similar properties) is enough? Thanks