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  • RE: Trying to register for self-assessment but couldn't

    sues to HMRC and hope they'll fix them soon.You can't register online without a UK passport or driving license; you have to do it by filling out, printing, and sending forms. I've just checked, and the link to the form is not working; same error: "Your request URL was rejected". I don't think there's anything you can do apart from report technical is
  • RE: Hong Kong sole trade company income

    That depends. Overall, you have to pay tax on those profits in the UK, regardless of whether you keep them in Hong Kong or transfer them here. There are, however, some exceptions that may allow your income to be treated on a remittance basis (so you would only pay tax on money transferred here). Have a look at the guide to find out if you would classify:
  • RE: Online Marketplace

    Unfortunately not. Only occasional sales with a total value under £1000 per year are free from tax. Regular selling (even if it's used items) falls under conducting trade (you have to register). Selling anything you bought to resell with the intention of making a profit is conducting a trade (you have to register). Furthermore, an item's value equals profit, so if you sold something for £1600, it means you've earned £1600 (not £100). Why? Because you can't include that £1500 in expenses since you're not officially running a business.
  • RE: Self assessment and sole trader

    You have to register for self-assessment as a sole trader. You'll receive a new UTR for your self-employment business (your actual UTR is your personal UTR). Then you'll have to register to pay NI contributions.
  • RE: Non-UK resident for first time Self Asessment

    You can't use any HMRC online services if you're not the owner of a UK passport or UK driving licence. You have to do everything "old school" by printing forms and sending them to HMRC. To register for self-assessment, you have to fill out Form SA1. You can find it here (2nd link, fill in, print, and post): On the form, tick "receive income from land and property in the UK" as a reason to register. I hope that helps.
  • RE: HMRC not answering phones, 3rd day and cannot get through to speak on their help line

    I had the same problem. I've been trying to contact HMRC on Friday and yesterday (trying multiple times at different hours). It's always the same: "We are busy; you'll have to wait long; better go online; [machine talking for 3-5 minutes]; thank you for your phone call; goodbye [disconnecting]". I'll keep trying, as I don't feel like sending a letter with an inquiry and waiting 2 months to get a reply.
  • RE: Online Marketplace

    Do you mean you're selling your own belongings (for example, used clothes on eBay)? If yes, then you are allowed to sell them as long as they are used or in your possession for longer than 6 months. If the overall yearly profit from those sales is more than £1k, you have to declare it and pay tax on this profit. If you selling on regular basis and those items are new, you have to register as a Sole Trader.
  • RE: Self assessment and Foreign Income

    @Kwan Yes, you have to register as a sole trader. Selling any services or goods for profit means you're running a business and are self-employed, so you have to register, fill out a self-assessment and pay NI.
  • RE: Foreign individual or foreign company operates in UK

    What you're asking for is dropshipping, so you obviously don't own a product. Yes, you'll be subject to VAT: "You must also register (regardless of VAT taxable turnover) if all of the following are true: - you’re based outside the UK - your business is based outside the UK - you supply any goods or services to the UK (or expect to in the next 30 days)" Source: If you are trading as a foreign company, you have to also register your company in the UK as an "overseas company", so you may be liable for any taxes that local companies pay. Source:
  • RE: Which form to register for self-assesment on foreign income?

    Thank you for reply. Technically, this is foreign self-employment, but based on the HMRC help section and the notes on the forms, it looks like this income must be entered in self-assessment under "Employment" and if foreign tax has been paid, then additionally use Form SA106 to claim tax relief. That's why I thought to use Form SA1 to register for self-assessment but not to register as a self-employed sole trader.