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  • RE: About to lose my last-chance at a mortgage due to HMRC backlog - any tips?

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, that's what I would have thought. But the actual figures on my TYO don't fit with this scheme. It's not just that no payments are shown, The first line (tax) also doesn't show anything in one case and shows an number that's only part of what I owe in another. This is despite the fact you've had my SA302s for some weeks. Meanwhile, tax I have paid is in limbo i.e. described as credit when it should be attributed to those years. Clearly something has gone wrong with the TYOs at your end yet no-one seems able to sort this in anything like a reasonable timescale - I've been waiting weeks. If I call, I wait on the phone for ages. Frequently after half an hour of waiting, I'm cut off. If I do ever get through, I'm simply told there's a backlog and nothing can be done to hurry things along. I've been told even a letter to explain the delay is with yourselves can only be supplied after a delay. I know you don't deal with individual cases here but I'd appreciate some advice on general principles. Any suggestions of ways to hurry the HMRC along when so much is a stake? I'm losing my last ever chance ever to get the mortgage I need, due to my age, simply because no-one is willing to fast track this issue and fix what seems to be a glitch in the HMRC system somewhere. Thanks.
  • About to lose my last-chance at a mortgage due to HMRC backlog - any tips?

    Hello I wonder if anyone has any tips? I'm in my early 60s and applying for a mortgage. Due to my age, if I don't get this one, I won't ever be able to afford it again (as the banks have a cut-off age, assuming we all retire by 75). It's for a shared ownership property. Unfortunately I can't secure a mortgage because my bank are insisting on TYOs but the HMRC have not updated my TYOs for the last two tax years, even though they have had my SA302s for some weeks. I've paid tax towards one tax year (2020-21) and the money is simply in limbo, described as 'credit', and not showing up as tax paid towards that year. In mid-May I called the HMRC to request them to update my TYOs but nothing has changed, despite them promising to fix things by now. Yesterday I called again and was told they'd try to sort this in (another?) 21 days but they declared even that wasn't certain. I asked for a letter from the HMRC to explain this to my mortgage provider, hoping this would help, and apparently that will also take two weeks to arrive. Even a complaint takes several days to be read with no guarantee of any action. Is there anyone on the inside of HMRC who can help me navigate this problem? The banks aren't treating self-employed people fairly at the moment, post-pandemic - that has been well-documented. HMRC could help to bring some equity to the situation by helping out in matters like this. It's not as though I can apply for any mortgage again - due to my age, this is literally my last-chance saloon! I'm devastated to think the HMRC paperwork is the thing that's scuppering my finances. Would a letter about this from my MP help to get things moving? Am desperate to get this sorted any way possible.