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  • Need to submit form?

    Does my husband need to submit a self assessment form if he’s not worked as self employed in that tax year? Each year is different but basically 2021-22 he didn’t do any self employed work so it seems pointless that he’d need to submit a form..but worries that he still needs to.
  • RE: Late submission penalty

    Thanks James, I’ve since read the very same. Basically a £100 penalty fee would last for a 3 month period.. So it looks like we can’t do anything until after a penalty is given (which I hate but will have to accept)
  • Late submission penalty

    Hi, can’t get through on phone. Can anyone advise about late submission penalties. My friend (accountant) normally helps me fill form and submit but he has taken ill and hasn’t been able to help & I therefore cannot access any data to submit form myself as he has spreadsheets etc on his laptop :( So I’ll be late submitting :( Do I get fined for each day, or is it a generic amount?