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  • RE: Issue when registering Gateway for self-assessment

    Hi Admin, I am wondering if a National Insurance number is a required to register the online self-assessment tax return. As my mother is retired so she did not apply a NINO since she arrived the UK last year. This may be the reason why she could not register successfully the online tax return yet. Please review and advise. Thank you very much. Kind Regards.
  • Issue when registering Gateway for self-assessment

    Dear Sir/Madam, My mother needs to do a tax return so I am helping her to register the online self assessment. She has just arrived the UK last year and has never registered an account at Gateway before. After setting up her email account and mobile phone number, it comes to the ID verification part. I have entered her information 3 times and it all said the information not matching that in the system. I did not carry on as only 2 chances left. I am sure the information I have entered are correct, and not sure why the system keeps saying that they are not matching (and I think my mother did not register any of her information to the HMRC system before). Please advise what what should I do now or where could I write an enquiry form online for my mother's case. Thank you very much. Kind Regards
  • RE: Is it necessary to inform HMRC if there is no need for a self assessment tax return

    Hello, Thank you both.
  • Is it necessary to inform HMRC if there is no need for a self assessment tax return

    Hello, My wife and I moved to the UK in July last year and now is the time to review our first self assessment tax return. For me I had foreign income so I know I have to do one. For my wife she did not have any UK income or foreign income, so she does not need to do one for the last tax year. Per my understanding if my wife does not need to do a tax return for the last tax year, it is also not necessary for her to inform HMRC that she is not doing one. Please review and confirm if my understanding is correct. Thank you very much.
  • RE: Reporting dividends earned

    Thank your very much for your clarification and the link to Tax on foreign income.
  • Reporting dividends earned

    Hello, My father and I are checking to see if we are required to do self assessment tax return for the tax year of 2021/22. We have a joint account overseas and are receiving dividends each month from investments. The total dividend received in the tax year of 2021/22 in that account is £12000. This is the only income for my father and I in that tax year. The question is do my father and I report the same £12000 dividends in our own self assessment tax return? Or if the total dividends received is regarded as £6000 for each of us. Does it mean that we do not need to do a self assessment because the total income for each of us is less than £10000 (and provided that we do not meet other criteria as well that required us to do self assessment)? The main concern here is how to defined the amount of dividends received in a joint account for each account holder, while considering if self assessment is required. Thank you very much.
  • Tax on foreign currency exchange

    Hello, I am a new immigrant and moved to the UK last year. I had savings of different foreign currencies and I had transferred all of them to different foreign currency accounts of a local UK bank last year. I need to spend GBP as daily expenses so I will exchange my foreign currencies for GBP. Do I have to pay any tax (like CGT?) for each foreign exchange transactions? Thank you very much.
  • NINO for self-assessment

    Hello, my parents are retired and have just moved to the UK permanently. As they are retired, there is no plan for them to apply for a NI number. At the moment, they are still receiving dividends regularly from overseas. That dividends will be regarded as income and will be taxed after they become UK tax resident. The question is if they can do self assessment even if they do not have a NI number? Thanks a lot.