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  • RE: State Pension and how to record on self assessment tax form

    I have been told by the DWP, that I needed to add up all weeks from my 66 th birthday in 2022 until 10 April and multiple that by the payment that they give me on a weekly basis. . This was the amount that the HMRC had already inputted onto my tax form. I even spoke to a manager at DWP just to clarify this, as this was NOT the amount I had actually received by about 2 or 3 weeks. However they insisted that this was right and as the HMRC had also inputted this figure I assumed that they knew best, but still disagree. I am not sure when I will get the extra tax back for this 2 to 3 weeks of money I have not received but paid tax on. They kept saying it was backdated.
  • State Pension and how to record on self assessment tax form

    I have received my state pension part way through the year 2022, and get paid monthly but it appears on a 28 day basis. It was back dated by 2 weeks 5 days. How do I calculate how much I have received in the last tax year 22/23, to complete my tax form. The pension service should have sent out details but neither received and I have been told to contact Royal Mail for lost mail! . The pension was increased so my last payment at the old 22/23 rate was on 6 April 23 and the new payment 5 May 23. Should I just calculate my payments up to 6 April 23 and nothing beyond . Can I just add up my payment up to 6 April 23 and submit this.