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  • Dividends from UK Companies

    On form SA100, Box 4, I have entered dividends I receive from stocks I hold (eg. Vodafone, Diageo, BT, etc). On the notes, it mentions "Put the total dividend amount which you have received in box no.4. Don’t include Property Income Distributions from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) or Property Authorised Investment Funds (PAIFs) these will go in box 17. If you have received Stock dividends or Non qualifying dividends then please enter them in ‘Additional Information’ pages" So what do I enter in Additional Pages? Thanks in advance.
  • RE: Offset losses from property sale

    Thank you for your reply but after entering the details, the amount of tax I owe has not changed. This is what I entered in Form SA108: Box 3 - 1 Box 4 - 7000 Box 5 - 51000 Box 7 - 44000 Box 45 - 3171 Box 47 - 40829 In Box 7 I entered 3171 as I want to use this amount to offset the taxable income and in Box 47, I want to carry over 40829 for future self assessment. I don't know if this is right but when I use the tax software and go to calculation, the amount of tax owed is still the same. No matter what numbers I enter in box 45 and box 47, it doesn't affect anything! Please can you help?
  • Offset losses from property sale

    Hello, I wish to report a loss from property sale in form SA108. I purchased a flat for £49,000 in 2015 and sold it for £7000 in 2022. In form SA108, I think that I need to enter 7000 in box 4 (Disposal proceeds), then enter 42000 in box 7 (Losses in the year) followed by -420000 in box 9 (Total gains or losses on UK residential property reported on Capital Gains Tax UK Property Disposal returns). Is this the correct way to do it and do I need to enter anything else on the form? Thanks in advance.