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  • Child Benefit 10 % Tax Charge - earning over the £50,000

    I earn under the £50,000 threshold every year, but my husband has had his P60 for 22'/23' and he earned 54,663 for this tax year. I believe that we have to now pay 10% of the total Child Benefit received for that same tax year - would someone be able to clarify that I have that correct? So in my case, we received 12 payments over 22'-23' totalling £1045.75 therefore I owe HMRC £104.58. Can you advise if I have this process correct and that this is the money we owe back? Also, what is the next step to make the payment back? Do HMRC contact my husband about the payment and if so, when are they likely to get in touch or can I call and make a payment online now? Can I also check that I would be in the same position for next year in April 2024 if we/he earn the same amount of money next year?
  • Process or Forms for Second Job

    I will be receiving a small income from a second job sometime in the middle of June 2023. What forms do I need to complete with HMRC or who do I inform at HMRC about this? I may be have a repeat income again in December this year with the.possibility of this repeating every year, twice a year in June & November. Can you advise how I go about inflaming the HMRC on this and future occasions for BR tax purposes please thank you
  • Second Job

    I am taking on a second job on a temporary basis for about 5 weeks. I will be paid for this work at the end of the 5 weeks. What action do I need to take with the HMRC to inform them of this additional income for tax purposes. thank you