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  • RE: Can another person deposit a refund cheque for me?

    Hi, thanks. I have received the monies and the explanation letter now. For everyone reading here and wondering how long it took: Submitted refund form online on the 22nd of November and received the cheque on the 14th of December. So it took a bit more than 3 weeks. However I have to say the information that I was given on the HMRC phone was either completely wrong or the guy had such a heavy accent that I just understood something different.
  • RE: Can another person deposit a refund cheque for me?

    Hi, thank you. The tracking status of my refund request says: - Received on 22 Nov 2022 - Processing complete (It doesn't say when) When can I roughly expect the cheque? Will this be sent to me immediately after the processing completed or will I first get another letter that informs me about the amount that I get and why, which is then followed by the cheque later?
  • Can another person deposit a refund cheque for me?

    Hi, two weeks ago I have requested a tax refund online. After calling HMRC today they said I would get a letter with the cheque in 2-4 weeks. The problem is that I will be traveling for a few months and I need the money from the refund for my trip. Can my flatmate bring the cheque to my bank for me or do I need some form of ID in order to do that? (My bank is Nationwide, but I also have Lloyds if that makes a difference) Would it also be possible to request payment by bank transfer instead? If yes, how can I request this? Unfortunately I had a hard time understanding the HMRC person due to accent and bad phone connection. I think he mentioned something about getting the refund by bank transfer, but I don't know how.