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  • RE: Split year treatment

    Hi, I departed from the UK in 2021. During my UK time I earned money both in the UK and overseas (overseas part was taxed overseas accordingly to the overseas tax laws). The total of both earnings during UK part of the year is less than the personal allowance in the UK for 2021. I qualify for 3rd case of split year treatment. After I departed I earn money and are taxed only in the country I departed to and earn at. Which amount do I include on the Self Assesment? Only UK part of the year from both of the countries? On form SA109, do I need to tick any of the boxes: 15, 16, 17 to show I want to use my personal allowance regarding the earnings from both countries earned during the UK part (which would entitle me to a full refund)? Do I need to additionally fill out any of the boxes 18-22 and get claim form 302 or 304 filled out as well? Which income do I list there if yes? All income during UK part that I would like to get full refund on or earnings from non-UK part of the year that I do not want to pay additional tax since I'm claiming split year treatment on them? Many thanks for the guidance!
  • Forms sent online - Gov Gateaway

    Hi there, I have recently moved abroad and requested a Tax Residency Certificate to conduct a self assessment in the country that I moved to. Due to the foreign address the document was sent online. The process is finished and the instruction on Government Gateaway 'Check Progress' claims the form has been 'sent online' and the reference is given. Where do I look for it? There is nothing in the inbox of the email address given in my details on Government Gateaway. There is nothing in junk folder either and previous confirmations of my actions and requests were coming through to the inbox without a fault. Where can I look for my Certificate? Where has it been 'sent online'? Many thanks for your help