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  • RE: CDS registration issues

    @HMRC Admin 25, That solution does not work. When you do that, the website technical team just emails you back and tells you to email When you then email the ISBC email address nobody answers. Can you please give us a solution that actually works or direct us to a team that can actually solve the issue? This is not a small or niche problem- there must be 1000s of UK businesses facing the same issue of having 2 EORI numbers, as its very common (and logical) not to register for VAT until you pass the threshold. Thanks for any help you can give.
  • RE: VAT registered EORI number and new government gateway ID.

    I have also tried the ISBC email address, and after an initial email asking me if I wanted to create a new EORI number (no thanks, I already have 2) I replied again with my question and its been radio silence for a week now. HMRC is there ANYONE out there who can help??
  • RE: VAT registered EORI number and new government gateway ID.

    Also having the exact same problem. Spoke to the customs department, who passed me to technical help, who passed me to VAT services, who told me to speak to the EORI team. Nobody can help or knows what to do. Its farcical, and unless we get this sorted we will no longer be able to import after 30 September.