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  • RE: Online Tax Submission SA109

    Thanks for the information.... I have since contacted the Tax office "Real Time" , they have told me I can file "Online" even though I live outside the UK without using 3rd party software.......however...... The SA109 form can be simply sent separately postal-wise to :- HMRC, PAYE & Self Assessment, BX9 1AS, UK (might be a good idea to explain this in the "Online submission" information, for persons not living in the UK.)
  • RE: Online Tax Submission SA109

    ....or is it possible to send a paper copy of the SA109 to the Tax office. If this is possible which department / Address would I send it to ?. thanks....
  • Online Tax Submission SA109

    I live in Switzerland, I am a British Citizen and would like to submit my 22-23 Tax online. It all works to the end (however there is no reference to the SA109 form i.e. the residency form which I have to fill in as a non-UK resident ) .... so I did not press the final submit, as this would make my return invalid I guess. Filing online would really be the best solution , also I never get any feedback when I send Paper copy of the Tax return.(when I send from Switzerland I am always anxious that it did not arrive at the Tax office). My Tax return details are already waiting filled in on my HMRC web portal. Is there a way I can upload the SA109 form with a cover note. ( i.e. through my online Tax portal , I have all the UTR numbers etc.) ? Thanks for any information....
  • RE: SA109 form Box 16 - Personnal allowances

    Thank you HMRC Admin 10 for the quick reply. That explains everything here..... I admit it is my error by not ticking these boxes (I had just assumed that it would be inferred that I am UK Citizen). How can I correct this for the last 2 years Tax returns ? (i.e. i did not tick box 16 for both years 2020 and 2021). Are there Forms I have to fill in? if so which ?..... Or do I have to make phone call.... if so which number/department do I have to deal with (not forgetting I live outside of the UK). Any information will be gladly appreciated.
  • SA109 form Box 16 - Personnal allowances

    I am a Non-Resident UK Citizen . I have had my Tax calculation back and have noticed that my Personal Allowance (£12570) has not been taken into consideration. Question 1 :- Could this be because i did not tick Box 16 of the SA109 Form i.e. ( if you are entitled to claim personal allowances as a non-resident ......) If i click this box does this then mean that my personal allowance is then applied to tax calculation. Question 2 :- Do I need to fill out an R43 form ( Claim to personal allowances....... not resident in the UK), or is Box 16 of Question 1 is enough. Thanks.....
  • RE: Self assessment Tax form request outside of the UK

    Hi again, thanks for your input. My UTR is active, do I simply send a paper Tax return ?
  • Self assessment Tax form request outside of the UK

    I am permanently living outside of the UK. Therefore I am unable to use the "Online Self assessment Tax return". I have filed "paper Tax returns" before as I have a UTR number. Question :- Do I simply return a "Paper Tax Return" .? or do I have to request that I send the return.? If I have to request ....can you point me in the right direction. Thank you for you time...