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  • RE: Prior year adjustments after moving payroll systems

    Hi HMRC Admin 25, Thanks for your response. From what I've read here: I thought it was possible to use the tool. It states 'the number of employee submissions you can send is not limited' - which I read to mean that we are not limited on employees, but should it be that it's a maximum of 9 employees but we can send multiple submissions for each? Do HMRC have a recommended approach for sending Earlier Year Updates when moving payroll systems? Our new provider is unable to accommodate the historic information, and the existing software is being decommissioned as it's not longer supported. Many thanks
  • Prior year adjustments after moving payroll systems

    Hi, We are soon moving to a new payroll system, and one of the issues we are facing is that we can't migrate any historic pay information. This causes us an issue, as we regularly have to amend prior year RTI submissions due to late notification of death. We have a large payroll (50k+) but generally only amend around 40 records each year. That said, we do sometimes have to go back several tax years. We are not likely to have access to the current payroll system, so have been looking at alternative solutions. Will the Basic PAYE tool be suitable for our needs? Especially considering the volumes and need to go back several tax years? Looking at the HMRC website. it reads like we may be able to use the tool alongside the new system, certainly for adjustments prior to April 2021. Has anyone else had this issue, and how did you approach it? Many thanks
  • RTI reporting for untraceable pensioners

    Good morning, I'm trying to find out the correct approach to take where we are unable to contact a member who's pension benefits are due to be paid. I seem to recall when RTI was first introduced, we were advised to report these on the FPS. To do this, we would activate the pension benefits as if we were going to pay them, report them as a joiner on RTI but with an irregular payment marker, then immediately suspend them from any gross to net calculations. This was to ensure that HMRC were advised that pension benefits were due. Recently, we have become aware that other pension providers leave the record as deferred and don't report anything to HMRC. Can anyone advise which is the correct approach? Many thanks