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  • Certificate of Residence for Freelancing remotely in Romania

    Hi, I have been providing freelance writing services online to a company in Romania for a couple of months, and they've been requesting a Certificate of Tax Residence. I live and always have lived in the UK. I'm self-employed/ do a yearly self-assessment for this type of freelance work. I haphazardly completed this form over 25 working days ago with no response yet: Almost certainly filled out a lot of it incorrectly, hoping HMRC would grasp what I'm asking for. But to the point. How do I tackle this when it asks for: A) My arrival date in the UK (I've never left the UK). B) UK employer details (it's a Romanian company and I'm self-employed). C) The Article of the countries Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) (I deduced that it was article 4 based on other posts, but no idea really). D) Types and Amounts of income (This is an ongoing arrangement. While I've already received two payments now, the company is essentially asking in advance, not after the fact). Long story short, I need something I think is a 'Certificate of Tax Residence', that tells a Romanian company and their Tax system I'm a UK resident paying tax and they don't need to tax it. Any help appreciated.