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  • Director and one employee lunch at home

    Hello , A limited company has one director and one employee who are a married couple working from home on a full time basis. Can the company pay for daily lunches including ready meals and sandwiches without a resulting taxable benefit in kind under a S317 exemption i.e. food consumed on the workplace premises being the director and employees home and available to all staff?
  • Trading Allowance Availability

    An individual is in partnership with his wife and has a separate small trade as a sole trader. The majority of the sole trader income is from his wife's parent's partnership. It seems that this is a connected party so the trading allowance is unavailable against sole trader income - correct?
  • Disclosed agency and services to USA company

    A UK company provides cinematography services through a UK 'talent agency' to a US company. The agency operates as a disclosed agency and the services are performed in Italy with the US company being fully aware that the UK company is the principle providing the services. The agency raises a sales invoice on the UK Companies behalf to the US company and receives payment of the full invoice. The agency deducts commission before paying the balance to the UK Company providing them with an invoice for the commission. Please confirm that the UK company services to the USA company via the UK talent agency are outside the scope of UK VAT.
  • RE: Capital Allowances Timing

    So the general rule of capital allowances being available when 'the obligation to pay becomes unconditional' (usually delivery) is overridden by the date of actual payment if goods are fully paid for in advance of delivery - correct?
  • Capital Allowances Timing

    A sole trader photographer has a pro forma invoice dated 29/03/22 for £10,000 worth of camera equipment which was paid for in full 01/04/22. The equipment was received 07/06/22 with a VAT invoice dated 07/06/22. The terms and conditions with the order and pro forma invoice say - 'title passes on the earlier of payment in full'........'risk passes on delivery or collection'. Can capital allowances be claimed on the £10,000 in the year ending 05/04/22?
  • RE: Double Cab pick up with 1 tonne payload

    Can anyone reply to this please?
  • VAT partnership for commercial property rental and new residential property

    Hello, We are a married couple and have a commercial property that is rented out direct to three tenants and VAT is charged. Partnership tax returns are not completed but the VAT Registration certificate says: Type of business: Partnership. No other services are provided and the VAT returns rarely include any VAT input tax as the only expenses are commercial mortgage interest and bookkeeper fees. A separate bank account is operated and separate records maintained. This has been going for over 10 years. We have jointly purchased a residential property so exempt property income. This property is let via a lettings agent. A separate bank account is maintained with separate business records. Both properties are jointly owned 50:50. Our bookkeeper has advised that the residential property income should be included in future 'partnership' VAT Returns as exempt income and that we may be able to reclaim related input tax under partial exemption de minimis. Is this correct or are the two properties seen as two separate property businesses, one being VAT registered and one not? Thanks in advance.
  • Double Cab pick up with 1 tonne payload

    HMRC eim23150 still says : From 2002/03, when deciding whether double cab pick-ups count as cars or vans, HMRC will interpret the legislation that defines car and van for tax purposes in line with the definitions used for VAT purposes. The position in respect of earlier tax years remains unchanged. Under this measure, a double cab pick-up that has a payload of 1 tonne (1,000kg) or more is accepted as a van for benefits purposes. Please confirm that a double cab pick up with a payload over 1 tonne qualifies as a van for employee benefits following the 'Payne & Ors v HMRC [2020] EWCA Civ 889' case/Coco Cola.
  • VAT and debit & credit card cashback

    Hello, Please confirm the VAT status of cashback received from credit cards, debit cards and PayPal accounts where they are not linked to any specific payment but rather overall spend. Are these Vatable at standard rate, zero rated, exempt or outside the scope?
  • RE: VAT Rate for Charter of Boat to Scatter Ashes at Sea

    Hi, I am happy that the passenger transport services guidelines are met. My concern was that a trip to scatter ashes may fall with and possibly be VAT Exempt. The only service provided is passenger transport to a place at sea where a family can scatter the ashes. Assuming that the passenger transport services guidelines are satisfied, please confirm that the purpose of the booking of the trip being to scatter ashes, does not result in the supply being VAT Exempt rather than Zero Rated.