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  • RE: Self Assessment received but not applied to my account

    I am at my wits end .. I have been trying to call for 2 weeks now and spending over an hour on hold each time ( International rates) and still cant get through to someone. How else can I get my case looked at ; online appeal had a vague tax return was not satisfactory - what does that even mean? why cant you specifically tell me what is wrong. Or better yet let me submit online!!
  • Self Assessment received but not applied to my account

    I have an unusual case. I have filed by paper a self assessment as a non domiciled/non citizen landlord. I do have a British driving license and a National Insurance number. I do not owe tax . As I am not British I am not able to file online and due to some change last tax year that I dont understand I am unable to use a 3rd party software company to submit on behalf. I received a penalty notice and assumed my paper submission did not make it and I had not recorded the delivery. I sent again (from the US) recorded. I got another penalty notice. I called and apparently they have tracked that they received both my paper submissions but they had not been applied to my account and the man on the phone could not help me. I completed an online appeal on 19th Sept and changed my communication preferences to online but have not received a reply to my appeal. I try to call but cant get through. I dont know what to do ... anyone have this happen? how can I get my account fixed? They confirmed they have the return but not allocated to my account.