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  • Child benefit and Class 3 pension credits

    Hi. I moved back to England (UK citizen) from Spain in 2012 with my Spanish partner (who now has settled status). We have a son, born in Spain, now 14 and another son, born in the UK, now 8. We only just found out that we should have registered for child benefit (not for the payment as we are above the threshold) but so that she could claim the Class 3 pension credit as a full time parent/carer. I have some questions: 1. Can we still register for child benefit now (for the pension credits) and if so, how far back can we claim the pension credits for her NI record? Would we be able to claim from when we moved here in 2012? 2. Because our first son was born in Spain, we have a birth certificate (translated) but the original travel document we used is no longer valid nor do we have it. However he does now have a British passport. Since he was born abroad, I understand we have to send the birth certificate and it says the travel document he used to enter the country. However since we no longer have that document, should we just send his current British passport in lieu of the 2012 travel document?
  • RE: Personal tax account - EU nationals locked out

    This is precisely my issue. The one thing that the HMRC actually did that worked well is no longer accessible to over 3 million foregin residents in the UK (let alone a lot of English people). 2 - options from: - A UK passport - excuse me, I'm not from the UK, another option perhaps? - A NI driving license??? Why would any foreign UK resident have an NI driving license? Even the English don't have a NI driving license. This option is simply absurd. - A credit reference? Don't need one, haven't got one. What a pathetic list of choices. What about a National Identity Card? A foreign passport? A "UK" driving license? A utility bill? An NHS number? A registered doctor's? There are so many choices. It seems HMRC has gone out of their way to discriminate against non-uk nationals who can no longer access the services they need. So much for settled status!!
  • CGT on Foreign Property & Investment Fund

    Hello. 1. I recently (today) sold a flat in Spain (for a loss). I am resident in UK and it was not my main home. Do I need to report this to HMRC if I am PAYE in this country? I think not since I made a capital loss (but it is my best interest to report it anyway - and how could I do that?), but it could offset any capital gains in this country? Also, my wife does self-assessment, should she include this on her SA form or does another form need to be filed? (We were co-owners of the flat 50% each). 2. We also sold an investment fund in Spain. We made a small gain of around €2700 and the Spanish bank withheld 19% tax (even though we told them our tax residency is the UK). Since this is below the £12000 threshold, do we need to declare this in the UK (we have no other capital gains). Again, if I am PAYE how do I include this (if needed)? And should my wife include it on her self-assessment with the tax she already paid in Spain? Sorry for all the questions! :)